Wow! A Parenting Nightmare

Wow! What a week it has been.

Last week I delivered Part 1 of an on-line webinar for a company on “Parenting”.

I divided the total program into four parts and was wondering how the first part would be accepted.

After all, things have massively changed over the past 20 years.

From the reports I have received, many were happy with the new and different way of looking at parenting and how to get it right.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s when I was a child, there was one law: Do as you are told.

Failure to abide by this often meant I would receive a sore bum. The minor pain of the soreness and the emotional pain of upsetting or making one of my parents angry, was enough to ensure I didn’t misbehave again.

Even school was quick to hand out some punishment. I remember receiving “Six of the best” with a cane twice in high school.

Today, it is a totally different story.

Parents are not allowed to smack children!

Schools have told me they are not allowed to touch children, even when they are upset.

Some school teachers are telling students what their “rights” are.

There are many young people who have no idea who they are sexually.

We also have a new group of children called “Fur People” who dress and behave like furry animals and want to be known as Fur People. From what I am told, some schools support this.

Add to this, more children than ever are suffering from anxiety and depression. They are lacking resilience and expect to get their own way (self-entitled).

I was recently out at a restaurant and two young teenagers on the next table were repeatedly asked to stop throwing food. They refused to listen and continued to do what they wanted.

All this creates a nightmare for parents.

How do you navigate through this?

Well, there is a way.

And guess who it starts with?

Yep! You got it.

The parents.

Today, many parents are stressed with life and don’t have the time to work with their children. I have three clients who have been repeatedly told they need to step up and start parenting. Each time, it has fallen on deaf ears and they continue to book their child in for me to “sort them out”.

It all starts with the mentor.

If you want a child to self-regulate, the parent must first be doing this.

As the old saying goes: Monkey see, monkey do.

I’m thinking of running an on-line course on parenting and how to get it right. If this is something that interests you, a friend or a relative, please hit Reply to this newsletter with “I’m interested”.

If I can get 20 people interested, I’ll run it.

Let’s do it.