Who Controls Your Brain?

This morning I awoke from a good night’s sleep with a slight headache and feeling really tired. It was one of those mornings you simply don’t want to get out of bed?

And when you do arise, you want to go back to bed.

Ever had that experience?

It would be easy for the day to dictate my mood. I would get out of bed, feel sorry for myself and keep focusing on how tired I feel and bad my headache is.

Doing this only makes things worse.

And when you are feeling crap, more things go wrong.

It’s so easy to let your state dictate how you feel and how your day is going to turn out. You may hear yourself think “It will be one of those days today. What else can go wrong?”

Yep. You have set your up for a crappy day.

And it will be – as what you think is what you get!

Be careful of what you tell yourself.

Most people focus on the negative and give it plenty of energy. They allow their brain to go wherever it wants. Thus, they begin to feel worse.

Can you relate to this?

If you can, it’s time to make a change.

Program your day for what you want. It takes less than a minute.

For me, “It’s a great day with the sun shining. The animals are keen for their food, and I’ll prepare a nice cooked breakfast for Julie and myself”. I put our Echo on, turn up the volume and ask for some good ol’ rock and roll – like Chuck Berry and Del Shannon.

I know, I’m really showing my age now.

All this gets me moving in a positive way.

My body reflects my thoughts.

It’s important for you to decide where your brain goes. Instead of letting it find its own way, carve a path for where you want it to go.

This takes practice. Once you begin to master it, it is easy.

My headache and tiredness have completely gone. I feel energised and excited for the day ahead.

Make a decision on how you want to feel and the day you would like to experience.

Your thoughts will reflect on how your day turn out.

You’ve got this.