What Pattern Do You Have In Place?

breaking the pattern

Am busy preparing for my last webinar tonight for the Transform Your Life course.

I’ve loved putting this together and seeing the changes people have made their life already.

Now, for todays article …

I am consulting with people who have created patterns in their life.

One was a lady going into her fourth marriage. “Bloody men” she quipped, “they are all bast**ds”.

In her case, yes they were.

However, there was one common denominator between all relationships:


While she came to see me to change the men in her life, it wasn’t the men that needed changing.

She had created a pattern where she continued to attract the same type of guy into her life.

A guy she felt she was worthy of.

For me, I had set up a pattern where I was constantly rejected out of relationships in my 20’s.

I was the common denominator and had to examine why this was happening. I discovered I was feeling not good enough or worthy of a great relationship. The minute I identified this, I created a new future. Julie and I have now been together for 32 years.

Another client lost money to scammers on four different occasions. If he didn’t break this pattern, he would continue to lose money. He was chasing money with a poverty mentality. Enough money was never enough!

If you have a pattern happening, identify this is the case. 

Define the pattern and the cause (if you know it). Change your beliefs so they work for you rather than against you.

You attract into your life what you think you are worthy of. Much of this can be determined by experiences in your childhood that shapes your thinking.

Examine your thinking and identify where it is holding you back.

Make a list of what you are worthy of so you have a new recipe to work from.

Once you change your negative pattern to one that serves you, it is plain sailing.

You’ve got this.



PS If you are having trouble identifying or breaking a pattern, please get in touch – clive@clivemurphy.com – as they are often easy to break.