What Is Life All About?

Julie had a 7am start with work this morning so I was up early getting her a coffee and breakfast.

Now I hear you going “Ahh”. It’s what I do to help out. I enjoy helping others.

After completing my chores, I turned the television on to see the first hour was solely about the floods we are experiencing in NSW and Queensland, the war in Ukraine and a little on covid.

Talk about an exciting world at the moment!

It’s easy to feel deflated and wonder where life is going.

Besides all the negativity, the world is still a beautiful place.

Focus on the beautiful things in your life and be thankful for them. Focus on what you love about your family, your home or where you live, your friends, your job or business and how lucky you are to have your freedom.

Sitting at my desk in my office looking out over a garden, I see two finches (small birds) playing in the tree outside my window. They’re having a great time. Watching them brings a smile to my face. It gives that feeling that at a deep level, all is well.


And this got me thinking: What is life all about?

Is it about winning, having the best of everything, earning more than someone, looking better than others, worrying what others think, or being right all the time?

May be the finches have it right.

May be life is all about the experience of having fun, being happy and helping others along the way.

I know, since my operation, I have reassessed what I should be focusing on and experiencing.

It’s time incorporate the attitude of the finch into our life.

Let’s do it.