What Are Your Expectations?

One of the biggest problems I see with people is …

Their expectations of others.

For example, if I am honest, I expect others to be honest.

If I do a full day’s work for a full day’s pay, I expect others to do the same.

If I intensely love my partner, I expect he/she to love me the same way.

If I do things perfectly, I expect other to do things perfectly.

You get what I mean?

After all, my way is the best way.

Just ask me 

All this is fine in theory.

Problem is, others are not like us.

They have their likes and dislikes, wants and needs, and their own way of doing things.

They may be the polar opposite.

And that’s fine.

We need to treat people for where they are at, not where we are at.

It’s OK to set the standard. Give others the room to follow if they choose. If they don’t, that’s fine.

Otherwise, you are stressing out over how others behave and think.

And then, who controls how you feel?

They do.

Take the control back. Allow others to be who they choose to be.

Work with them at their level and give them the opportunity to improve if they wish to.

You may also like to identify whether your way is the best way .

And if you are a perfectionist, I would suggest there is a better way – unless you are a surgeon!

You’ve got this.