What Are You Focusing On?

I’m looking out of my office window and viewing the front garden getting rained upon.

While the temperature is 10°C (50°F) outside, it is lovely and warm inside.

I had plans to mow the lawns and catch up on some gardening jobs.

That’s no longer going to happen.

Today is a cold rainy day and one where I am unable to get the desired jobs done.

Can you relate to this?

You have your day planned and, all of a sudden, it gets messed up.

When this occurs, we all have a choice.

Curse what we have or embrace it.

Cursing it only releases the stress hormone (cortisol) in our body which starts to create many problems – especially if it is constantly released.

If we embrace the day, endorphins are released which improve our health.

While I’m looking out the window, I feel joy that the plants are receiving a drink. Rain purifies the air as it clears some gases and pollutants.

It’s nice hearing the raindrops hit the tin roof. To me, it’s a soothing sound.

At some point the rain will stop and the sun will appear.

Everything goes in cycles, like spring follows winter, good follows bad and up follows down. This is true for inflation, the stock market and interest rates. We simply need to ride it out.

And the best way to do that is to make the current situation work for you.

How can I be productive while it is wet and cold?

How can I utilise interest rates to make more money or keep what I have?

I remember reading about an interview with Warren Buffet – one of the most financially successful people – and he was asked the Number one thing someone should do to be successful. He responded to invest in oneself.

The more you invest in yourself, by becoming the best person you can be, the more savvy you become.

Make good with what you have.

Even focus on how wonderful life is with your family and what you love about them.

Focus on how lucky you are to have a job and a house to live in.

Make today work for you. It may be time to learn some new skills so when the good times come, you are ready to go.