What Are You Filled Up With?

I remember hearing a Buddha quote: “Violence exists in the world because we have violence in our hearts”. 

Let me give you two examples …

How do peace demonstrations usually end?

In violence.

Makes you wonder whether the people in attendance have their hearts filled with peace or with violence!!

Second, an example from Dr Wayne Dyer. Take a ripe orange and squeeze it. What comes out?

Obviously, orange juice. Not strawberry juice. Not celery juice. Not grapefruit juice. Only orange juice.

When you are placed under pressure (squeezed) because someone has said or done something you dislike, what comes out?

Is it frustration, anger and I’ll make them pay or is it peace, calmness and love?

For most, it’s anger and retaliation.

This is what they are filled with. They only need the right emotional button to be pushed and they react. 

Sure, there is another side to them. The side they would love others to see. The happy positive side that shows they are a good person.

We all have these two sides.

One of my aims is to treat the negative reaction side so I cease to do it.

This is the side that encompasses our fears. It’s a great feeling to transform the fear into love and peace so we no longer react to what others say, think or do.

We take our control back.

It’s time to start controlling how we feel and filling ourselves with love and peace.