What A Waste!

value life

The weather is a little cool today in Wagga.

A great day for living.

Or, is it?

In the past week, I have consulted with two people who are worried about friends ending their lives. 

The main reasons?

Bullying, a relationship breakdown, and financial problems.

More alarmingly, one client knows of eight people who have ended their life in the past 24 months. The other client knows of six. Ages range from 16 years to 58 years of age.

This is so sad on a number of fronts: A life has ended early; the person concerned has left many friends and family to try and deal with their death; the person did not reach out and ask for help.

Most people experience a dark time in their life where they feel the pain is so great, it is never going to end. The only way to stop the emotional pain is to end their life.

If you, or someone you know, falls into this category, please know: every problem has a solution.

I have been working with people for 35 years and I am yet to find a problem that does not have a solution.

I recently watched a doco on people jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge and the ones that survived said, within a second of jumping, they realised they had done the wrong thing.

This is a BIG message.

Every month, I consult with someone who is considering taking their own life. Some from a relationship break-up, others because they are not allowed to see their children and some from being bullied.

While they feel their situation is hopeless, it is not. They simply need some good guidance.

When a client returns to explain how they have gone from wanting to end it all to developing the skills to make life work, it is a great feeling. Their life is now better than it has ever been.

If you have children, please, please, please start teaching them how to deal with negative situations and people. Give them the skills to get through any situation life throws at them. If you don’t have the skills or know how to do this, seek some help. It may involve consulting with someone or reading some empowering books or doing a course – I have a free one coming up.

My life nearly ended after a relationship break-up when I was 33 years of age. I couldn’t handle the pain. I began studying human behaviour and turned my life around. Now, I am leading a wonderful life.

And so can you.

Children today are feeling more insecure than ever.

While life skills should be taught in schools, the ones I have approached are not interested. School is so busy, there is no time to allot to helping students with their emotional health. The time is taken up with ‘more important subjects’.

If you are interested in learning how to deal with life’s problems, stay tuned as I am about to release a free course showing you how to do it.

If you are feeling emotionally low, please get some professional help. You’ll be glad you did.