Understanding the Theory of Relationships

Relationships are among the most difficult things to succeed in because they require people to deal with their own emotions as well as someone else’s emotions. It is often a hit and miss situation, and many people fail in relationships, as evidenced by the high divorce rate. The speaker has a theory on how relationships work, and he presents it in the following video. This blog post will discuss the three phases of the relationship theory and what they entail.

The Three Phases of the Relationship Theory

The speaker explains that the theory of relationships involves three distinct phases, namely, the Plus Plus phase, the Reality phase, and the Maintenance phase. The graph of love versus time is used to illustrate the three phases.

The Plus Plus Phase

The Plus Plus phase is the first phase of the relationship, and it involves the initial attraction between two people. It is the stage where people try to make a connection and get to know each other. The speaker refers to this stage as the impression stage because people try to make a good impression on their potential partners.

During this phase, people go to places they wouldn’t normally go to and do things they wouldn’t normally do to impress their partners. They exhibit perfect manners and are the perfect partners. The goal is to impress the other person and make them like them. The Plus Plus phase tends to last for a short period of time, until a connection is established.

The Reality Phase

The second phase is the Reality phase, and it is characterized by commitment. Once the connection is established, the partners commit to each other. They may agree to be in a relationship or move in together. The ultimate commitment is marriage.

The speaker refers to this phase as the C-Spot, where “C” represents a commitment. With commitment comes complacency, where people start to relax and be themselves. They no longer have to impress their partners, so they start to revert to who they were before they met. The bad traits that they may have tried to hide during the Plus Plus phase start to come out.

The Maintenance Phase

The final phase is the Maintenance phase, which is also referred to as the Maintenance Line. During this phase, the partners have to work to maintain the relationship. They need to keep the love alive and keep the relationship going. The speaker explains that this phase is where the hard work comes in because people have to deal with the reality of the relationship. They have to accept the good and the bad and work to make the relationship work.


In conclusion, the theory of relationships presented by the speaker involves three distinct phases. The Plus Plus phase is the initial attraction phase, where people try to impress their partners. The Reality phase involves commitment, and the partners start to relax and be themselves. The Maintenance phase is the final phase, and it involves hard work to maintain the relationship. By understanding these phases, people can take control of their relationships and work to make them succeed.