This Guy Was In Denial …

One group I have been consulting with in increased numbers are gamblers. This includes both men and women in close to equal numbers.

How much do people gamble?

The average I consult with is between $400 and $800 a week with some high flyers putting in up to $5,000 a week.

Some gamblers get booked in to see me by a partner or a parent. They will tell me they are gambling over 50% of their wage each week. They also tell me it is not a problem for them. They have it all under control!

I’ll respond with something like, “Let me get this clear. You are spending over 50% of your wage and your partner, who has two children under 5 years, says there is not enough money to pay the bills. Which part of that do you have under control?”

Denial, it’s a beautiful thing. It allows people to keep doing what they’re doing whilst trying to justify they are doing the right thing and have it all under control!

If you are going to fix any problem in your life, you must first take ownership for it. You must first admit to yourself that what you are doing is not working and you MUST change.

Some gamblers tell me they do it to overcome boredom! What a load of crap! People gamble for one reason and only one reason … to make money.

While all gamblers will say they constantly lose money, they continue to chase that one big win.

I had one client who won $10,000 on the pokies. Guess what he did with it?

Put it all back through chasing another $10,000 plus win.

Because gamblers are forever chasing, they have a “poverty” mentality. “I never have enough”. This is why it is so difficult for them to stop.

This concept is reinforced with the average person winning $1 million-plus on Lotto. Within two years, all the money has gone. With a poverty mentality, they spend it on all the things they have forever wanted instead of investing it wisely (wealth mentality).

The reason gamblers keep gambling is because they receive much pleasure from it – especially the winning. While they focus on pleasure, they will always have trouble giving it up.

Gamblers are good liars and will only tell you what they want you to know. Many also become alcoholics as the pain of constantly losing and trying to find money drives them to drink.

Look at deal-breakers in a relationship and gambling is up there. It’s a constant stress for their partner and children – especially if lying and alcohol are also involved.

I have a couple of ninja ways of helping gamblers place emotional pain to gambling and pleasure to saving. For those who want to quit, I get great results … and in one and a half sessions!

It’s a great feeling when a client tells me they can walk past the pokies and not even feel the urge to put $1 in them. It’s also great to hear how much money they have saved and what they are now doing with it.

Make great things happen in your life …