The Power of Words: A Deep Dive with Clive Murphy


In an insightful video discussion, Clive Murphy explores the profound impact that our choice of words has on communication. Focusing on the vocabulary we often take for granted, Murphy sheds light on how specific words can shape our messages and the perceptions of those around us. The video zeroes in on four words that are commonly used but vary significantly in the level of certainty they convey: hope, think, believe, and know.

The Impact of Word Choice on Communication

Murphy begins his discussion by challenging the audience to consider which out of the four words—hope, think, believe, and know—is the most powerful. Through a relatable example involving a debt repayment scenario, he demonstrates how each word reflects a different degree of assurance and commitment. The example clearly illustrates that “know” provides a definitive level of certainty, making it the most reliable and impactful choice in communication.

Choosing Certainty Over Doubt

The video emphasizes the importance of moving beyond words that suggest doubt or possibility, such as “hope” and “think,” towards words that offer assurance, like “know.” Murphy argues that adopting a language of certainty not only affects how others perceive our intentions but also how we view ourselves. Asserting “I know I’m a good person” is presented as a more powerful and self-affirming statement than “I think I’m a good person,” which harbors doubt.


Clive Murphy’s discussion on the power of words serves as a compelling reminder of the impact our language choices have on our interactions and self-perception. By favoring words that convey certainty and confidence, we can enhance the clarity and effectiveness of our communication. Murphy’s insightful analysis encourages viewers to be more mindful of their vocabulary, promising further exploration of communication’s nuances in future videos.