Take The Quiz …

Today, I thought I would share an exercise with you that comes from my “Live Your Life Potential” Course.

Let’s jump right in and do it. Grab a pen and pad and answer the following …

Who is the most important person or thing in your life?

Who or what comes next?

And next?

And next?

Where do you come? And why?

Here are how the answers typically go:

Most important are spouse and children.

Next are parents and greater family like siblings

Then extended family like nieces and nephews

Then best friends and other friends.

Where do you come?

Most say “Last”. They see their role as helping everyone else.

Some say “First”. They have been told to put themselves first and look after themselves.

The best place to be? First. Here’s why …

When you fly with a commercial airline, before it takes off the cabin crew will instruct you: When in the air, if we have problems an oxygen mask will drop from the overhead locker. If you have a child, the first person you put it on is ____ ?

Who would you put it on first?

While some say “The child”, you should put the mask on yourself first. Once you do this, you are then free to help others.

Look after yourself so you can then look after others.

As an example, many are trying to make others happy. If you first make yourself happy, who gains the benefit?

Yourself and others.

Who does it start with?

It starts with you.

This is a great lesson for mothers, who often neglect themselves. When you’re happy and healthy, the whole family gain the benefit.

You are important. Treat yourself as such. And think of the message you are then sending your children – it’s important to look after yourself.

You’ve got this …