Stop Being Perfect

Stop Being Perfect - Clive Murphy

I surprised myself last Tuesday evening when I conducted the first free webinar on transforming your life.

I went into it without any notes or a plan. I simply delivered what I would to my paying one-on-one customers.

And it went really well. All the comments were favourable saying how much the person enjoyed it.

Sometimes we can be too constructed. I could have planned this to the nth degree and read from notes. Problem would have been: it wasn’t coming from the heart.

I trusted the right topics would be spoken about to best help those in attendance.

This is a good message for you.

It is so easy to overdo things – whether it’s cooking a meal to impress others or getting dressed up to go to a special function. We can over-analyse things and become frustrated.

Over-analysis leads to paralysis.

We get caught up in the detail.

Did I make mistakes in my presentation?

Absolutely. I deleted a file from my desktop that I wanted to make reference to if the situation arose; I stumbled and stammered a few times; I couldn’t get the chat box working.

Best of all, I didn’t care. It is all part of performing live.

And as Julie said to me, “It gave you credibility as it showed you are human and was passionate about the topic.”

Sometimes we all take life too seriously and think we have to do things to look good in other’s eyes. We fear messing up or getting things wrong.

This used to be me. I was a perfectionist and everything had to be right. This then controlled how I felt as I was only ever going to be happy if my work was “perfect”.

Can you relate to this?

It’s time for a change.

It’s time to put you back in control.

Let’s just start doing things for the joy of doing them.

For no other reason because we want to.

And you may be surprised with the result!

Like I was.

PS: I have had a few people email me and ask if they can still join the free course. If you would, go here and register and I will send you the link to the replay.