Some Lessons To Learn From This …

life lessons

I know, I can’t help myself!

Human behaviour is so interesting.

Have you been following escapades of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle?

Since they have left England to settle in California, they have completed a “tell all” interview with Oprah and completed a Netflix documentary. Harry has released his first book titled “Share” and is currently doing interviews around the US.

There are some interesting life points we can learn from them.

In the Oprah interview, Meghan called the Royal family ‘racists’ re a comment about the skin colour of her unborn baby. In his book, Harry said they didn’t say that. It is reported with evidence there are at least 10 major contradictions between the book and what was said in the interviews.

Lesson: it always pays to tell the truth. If you lie and get found out, trust is eroded and people see you differently as a person.

There are many reports Meghan is a different person in front of the cameras to when they are not around. It is reported they are having trouble keeping staff.

Lesson: There are two sides to us – the one we want others to see and the other where we feel super insecure. It is important to work on your insecurities so you feel secure at all times. This way, we are nice to everyone.

It’s easy to bag out your family and air all the dirty linen. Harry tells of a fight with his brother, William, where William pushed him over and he fell on a bowl on the floor and hurt his back.

I don’t know of many siblings who don’t have fights – and physical ones.

Why does harry have to air all the negative experiences? People now start to see him in a negative way.

Harry really paid out on the press criticizing them for doing wrong against he and his family.

He is now doing interviews with them bagging out his family with the aim of making money.

Lesson: Be careful what you say, and to whom. Be positive whenever you can.

Lastly, many predicted, before they were married, Meghan would take Prince Harry out of England and stir up trouble.

My memory of Prince Harry was an honest jovial person who loved having a good time. A person who always considered others and believed in doing what was best.

This is not the Prince Harry most people are now seeing. 

It’s like Meghan is winding him up and getting him to fire the shots. Problem is, they are both coming unstuck!

Lesson: At high school, I was placed in a class with some rowdy students with the aim of me having a positive impact on them. It went the other way. I sunk to their level.

Always be aware of who you are and what you stand for. Never ever let yourself drop to a lower level.

Remember what you stand for and allow others to rise to your level.