Nothing Works

First, I’m back. After 2 weeks off from feeling unwell, I am now back to normal. And I feel great.

The weather is a sunny 22°C (72°F) and so nice.

Today’s topic … be careful what you think.

It’s amazing how we try and convince ourselves of what is ‘real’.

In other words, we only see what we want to see. We only think what we want to think.

As an example, I was speaking with a lady who had a recurring sore back and she commented, “I’ve tried everything to fix it and nothing works. It comes good for a short period of time and then it goes and I’m in debilitating pain for about a week”.

The key words here are “I’ve tried everything”.

I’ll ask “What massage techniques have you tried?”


“Have you seen a naturopath to help with any inflammation?”


Have you tried something like osteopathy, acupuncture or kinesiology?”


“What have you tried?”

“I have been to the doctor quite a few times and to three specialists. They all suggest painkillers and possible surgery.”

It is interesting that people say they have tried “everything” when, in fact, they haven’t. It’s the “lie” they say to convince you (and themselves) they have given absolutely everything a go.

How often have you heard someone say “I’ve tried everything”?

It may relate to work – “I’ve asked everyone and no-one knows the answer”.

It may relate to mental health – “I’ve been everywhere and nothing works”.

It may relate to a lost object – “I’ve looked everywhere”.

So why do people say they have done “everything” when they haven’t.

Some major reasons are:

Lack of knowledge. They don’t have the knowledge on who to see or what to try. For example, they may feel the only way to fix a problem is to see a doctor because they have never been exposed to other types of therapies.

Impresses the other person. They are saying “I have done all I can and I don’t want to go any further or do any more”. The person they are speaking with should then accept this and think they have done a great job. The person who has “tried everything” also feels impressed simply from saying the words.

It’s all too hard. They have spent enough time and energy and have not received the desired result. It is easier to give in than to keep looking.

Be careful what you think as your thoughts become self-fulfilling.

If you don’t think you can do something, you won’t. If it’s too hard, you will always see it this way and it will always be “too hard”. You will then cease to attempt anything new.

“I have tried everything” will be the roadblock that stops you dead in your tracks.

While you may think you have “tried everything”, if you are not receiving the desired result, seek a new solution. You may need to do some research or ask for help. There is someone out there who knows a solution to your problem. Become committed to finding what they know.

As the old saying goes: “Seek and ye shall find”.

You’ve got this …