Mike Felt Emotionally Low

Mike lived in a small country town. From the outside, he was the epitome of a comfortable life: a stable job, good friends, and even a pet cat named Whisper. Yet, every morning when he looked in the miirror, his eyes bore the weight of an invisible unhappiness.

Everyone around Mike noticed the change. It wasn’t sudden. It was a gradual descent into a world where smiles were rare and laughs, even rarer. His friend, Lisa, once commented, “Mike, it’s like you’ve lost your inner spark.” All Mike could do was shrug, for he genuinely didn’t understand the void that was growing inside him.

Evenings which were once filled with passion for painting or strumming the guitar, now seemed to stretch endlessly. He would often sit on his porch, looking at the fading horizon, trying to decode the reason behind his despair.

One overcast afternoon, as rain softly tapped on his window, Mike decided to consult a therapist to get some answers. He couldn’t understand why he was depressed. “I have everything I ever wished for,” he would repeat.

With the therapists help, Mike began a journey of self-discovery, revisiting forgotten corners of his heart and mind. He delved into meditation, journaling and gratitude, which became his sanctuaries of introspection. Along the way, he learned that acknowledging his feelings was the first step towards healing.

Whisper, his loyal feline, became his therapy companion. They spent hours in silence, with Whisper purring beside Mike as he journaled his thoughts. Lisa, seeing Mike’s struggle, rallied their friends to support him, making Mike realize that it was okay to lean on others.

Over time, with therapy, love from friends, and his personal resolve, the fog in Mike’s heart began to lift. He still had the odd moment of despair, but they were now interspersed with moments of clarity and joy.

For Mike, it wasn’t about over analysing his depression but understanding that sometimes, life presents us with enigmas. It’s in the journey of seeking answers that we often find the strength to move forward.

There are so many ways of dealing with a mental health problem like depression.

Sadly, too many internalise it and hope it goes away. They suffer in silence and ask themselves more questions on why they feel emotionally down.

With no answers, the problem simply gets bigger.

If you are emotionally struggling, please seek help and learn how to master the way you feel.

You’ve got this.