Thank You


… for opening this page relating to the puzzle on my card.

Below, I have the solution to the puzzle AND, as a bonus, some helpful info for you in a video.

In case you haven’t done the quiz, here are 9 dots. Take a pen, and without it leaving the page, join all 9 dots with 4 straight lines.

You must join all 9 dots with only 4 straight lines without the pen leaving the page.

Can you do it?

Many say it can’t be done.

It can.

This is the same with life.

Where you think something does not have a solution, it does.

You simply need to think outside the square. Most people continue to go around the outside 8 dots.

It doesn’t matter how many times you do this, it will not work.

OK, here is the solution:


Start at A. Go through the 3 dots to B. Then head to C. Back to A and then down through the remaining 2 dots.

Pretty simple, really.

Like everything, Simple when you know.

Remember, if the answer can’t be found with what you know, look outside the square.


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