Look After Yourself



I consulted with “Bob” because he had lost motivation.

Bob owned his own business and was working fifteen hours a day.

When asked why he worked so hard, he replied, “I’m 45 years of age and I want to be retired by the time I’m 50. I figure if I put in the hard yards now, I’ll be able to make it.”

“What about your family? What do they think?”

“They’re not happy about it. I’m never home and constantly get told I don’t consider them.”

“Do you?”

“Of course. This is why I am working so hard. When I’m retired, I can spend all day with them. They don’t get it.” 

And I could see why!

“How’s your health?”

“I recently had some chest pains but they soon disappeared. My wife said I should get them checked. I don’t have the time to do that. I’m fine.”

Sixteen months later Bob died of a massive heart attack. He left a wife and three young children.

I’m wondering whether he now thinks it was all worth it.

I consult with many people like Bob. Their sole mission in life is to make as much money as possible in the quickest time. They think this will bring them happiness. They tell themselves the story they are looking after their family and are therefore doing good!

All the money he made didn’t bring his wife any happiness. It simply made her sad and angry that he didn’t consider what was best for them from their perspective.

Most of the people chasing money have a “poverty” mentality. They believe they will never have enough and become obsessed with making it.

It’s great to have money. It’s more important to have great health and a great relationship with loved ones.

You can have all three!

Keep it in perspective.

You are important.

Treat yourself as such.