Life Sucks

What a week! 

Super busy consulting with clients as well as doing a seminar to improve on my knowledge on how I operate and ways to better help my clients.


While words play around 7% of the communication process, they have meaning.

The words you say to another has a big impact on how they feel.

What you say about yourself and to yourself has a huge impact on the way you feel and the way you perform.

For example, a client outlined all the things going wrong in her life and then commented “Life really sucks”.

You may think these words are simply words and harmless.

Said once, they could be.

Said several times, they’re not!

When you make a comment like “Life really sucks”, “I’m an idiot” or “I’m useless” and continue to think it or say it, you begin reinforcing it.

You begin looking for evidence that you or life is this way … and you find it.

This then reinforces your belief.

You then start attracting more negative situations into your life as that is what you are predominantly thinking.

As an example, thinking “Life really sucks” automatically means you will begin looking for the things in life that make it suck.

Because you are looking, you will see more of these experiences to reinforce your belief.

This, then starts to define you. It becomes your identity.

My client could easily tell me all the bad stuff going on in her life. When asked to name some things going right, she had trouble coming up with two.

She continued to reinforce the negative, and this became her life.

It’s so easy to be negative unless you are aware of it. We are programmed to go to the negative before the positive.

Think about which program is best going to serve you. Select words that are going to deliver that program. The best are empowering words, like “Life is beautiful” and “I am intelligent in my own way”. Speak highly of yourself and others.

Be aware of the words you use and how they make you feel.

Select only words that are uplifting and positive. Words that help you achieve a state of happiness.