It’s Their Fault

Today’s topic … Being responsible.

We have just had a Federal election in Australia and have voted in a new Government.

One of the things I noticed before the election and after it is … the Blame game.

Have you noticed how politicians seldom, if ever, take ownership for what is not happening? They constantly blame someone or something else for what is going wrong.

Blame is simply deflecting the spotlight onto someone else. After all, it is their fault!

I remember being in a cafeteria that was self-serve – do you remember those days? – and a boy about 10 years of age dropped a tray of food onto the floor. He immediately yelled “Stupid tray. It jumped out of my hands”. This took the spotlight off him and put it firmly on the tray.

I’m guessing this would ensure his mother would not get cranky with him. In fact, she should be getting cranky with the tray as it was it’s fault this happened!

How often in life do you hear someone blaming?

“It’s their fault this happened to me.”

“It’s their fault I feel this way.”

“It was the weather conditions that caused us to lose the game.”

The whole function of blame is to reinforce “This is not my fault”.

Blame is a sign of feeling insecure, of having a fault or weakness.

And when you think about it, there is only one solution to blame:

The other person (or thing) has to change for you to feel happy.

If you waiting on someone to change, how long are you going to be waiting?

A very long time.

When you blame, you give away your control.

Sure, someone can be to blame. Blaming them is not going to get a new solution. It’s simply going to keep you feeling frustrated, angry and disappointed.

The secure person says, “Yep, this has happened. What are my options to find the best solution?” and then they act on it.

Be aware of when you are blaming and then get honest with yourself.

If you mess up, own it and fess up.

It’s a great quality to have.

You’ve got this.