Is Your Life Simple?

Life can be interesting.

As I get older, and hopefully wiser, I love helping people change their lives.

From 35 years of working with people, I hear some interesting stories.

A guy called me last week and said he wanted CBT, DBT and psychoanalytic therapy. Could I help?

Being a simple person, I only had knowledge on CBT (Cognitive-behavioural therapy), so I replied “Maybe. Can I ask what problem you would like help with?”

“I had a really bad traumatic experience in a relationship and I’m looking for ways to help fix it.”

“Great, here’s how I would treat it …” and outlined my method.

“That seems too simple. What sort of therapy is that?”

“Common sense therapy or CST” 🙂

OK, I was being a bit of a smart alec.

One thing life has taught me: Get back to basics.

Life is supposed to be simple. Sorting out problems is supposed to be simple. Listen as the client explains the problem, ask some key questions, find out what solution the client ideally wants to achieve and then deliver on that.

This concept has served me well with every client I’ve consulted for 35 years.

Here’s an example of an interesting client … He began telling me his story in words I never knew existed (called psychobabble). I asked if he could explain it in simple terms I could understand. “Don’t you know all these words?” he asked.

“How long have you had this problem you’re seeing me for?”

“Seven years and no-one can fix it.”

Hmm. I wonder why.

My message: Keep life simple.

If you have a problem, first step is to define it. Second step is to define the solution – because if you are not going somewhere, you are going nowhere. Third step is to identify what you need to do, know or resolve in order to achieve your solution. Fourth step is to implement the solution.

Pretty easy, really.

Make life happen …