I Know That … Or Do You?

The warm weather is here in downtown Wagga. Nice to be out gardening and enjoying the sun. 

I love my work. I love being challenged to help people take control of their life to feel happy and fulfilled.

Sometimes I get a curve ball sent my way.

For instance, take “Don” (not his real name).

Don consulted with me because he was struggling with anxiety and was constantly worrying what others were thinking of him.

I explained Anxiety was a state of feeling out of control and he couldn’t control what others were thinking of him. We then went through a comprehensive program on raising his self-esteem.

At the end of the second session, Don commented “I already know all of this”.

“Explain to me what you know”.

“I know you have to have high self-esteem.”

“Great. How do you achieve that?”

“Well, that’s why I’m here …”

While Don had a small amount of knowledge, it was not enough to help him fix his anxiety.

All he had was theory.

And theory doesn’t cut it.

As an alternative, when Don said “I already know all of this”, I could ask “Nice. How come you are not doing it?”

Words are cheap. They represent only 7% of the communication process.

Action is 70%. This is where “action speaks louder than words”.

I’m not interested in what people know. I am interested in what people are doing.

The doing is the important part.

And how often have you heard yourself say “I know what I should be doing …”

So, why aren’t you doing it?

Back to Don.

If I had failed to call him out on what he knew, he would keep his problem. Nothing would have changed.

When people say they know it all, it is generally their ego operating trying to convince themselves, and others, of what they know.

Allow your actions to do the talking.

You’ve got this.

Make good things happen …