Gambling is the art of losing much money – fast, and in great quantities.

It becomes a problem when:

        (i) the person knows they shouldn’t be gambling because they can’t afford to lose any money, and

        (ii) they can’y say “No” and walk away instantly.

In (ii), the hope of making money rules and over rides any common sense which tells them it is wrong to keep putting money into the slot machine or on the races.

Gamblers know, at some level, they are not going to win. They live in hope of pulling off a big win that will help erase all their losses. They become obsessed with this winning.

Gambling can be difficult to treat because the gambler generally thinks they have everything under control.

They are happy to keep gambling because it is often the only way they can get rid of the problem of not having enough money. They get themselves so deep into debt, they continue to gamble in the hope of pulling off a big jackpot.

Gamblers have a number of traits and things happening in their life.

They have a “poverty” mindset and have won, in one or more instances, a large sum of money.

This gives them the mindset of chasing this large win again and again.

Clive has developed a unique way of helping gamblers by presenting them with information they have never thought of.

This is a one session consultation of an hour and a half. It can include hypnosis if wanted.

Through introducing clients to this unique way of helping them, Clive gets excellent results.

For this session to work, the person has to have need to quit gambling.

To find out more information, or to make an appointment, please give us a call on 02 6921 6373.