Do You Read Like This?

I trust you have had a wonderful Easter. Julie and I spent the time at home as she was working on the Saturday and the Monday. It has been a chance to rest and catch up.

On Saturday morning, Julie and I were having a restful morning, each reading a book. She has been reading novels and reads about one every two weeks. I have been reading the same self-help book for the past three months. 

It’s not that I’m a slow reader, I read with the intention of learning something.

A friend used to boast how he read a self-help every week. Problem was, he was great at explaining what everyone should do yet he was not implementing what he read.

Knowing the theory is good start. Problem is, it doesn’t get you anywhere. My friend was still depressed and went through a long divorce.

If he had only implemented what he read!

I’ll read until I come across an interesting fact. I then re-read it, write it down and look at it over the next week with the aim of making it a part of my life. When I have it integrated into my life, I’ll continue to read.

Yes, it is slow going. 

The learning is huge and will stay with me.

It’s also good to go back through my folder and read all the notes I have taken. It consolidates what I have learnt.

For example, I have just finished reading about “Givers versus takers”. While most people feel they are givers, they fail to give unconditionally. They run a ledger that says “Now I have done this for you, you now owe me”. It got me thinking about where I give and is it all unconditional?

I am now practising giving without requiring anything back. This is giving with the sole purpose of helping. It may be giving advice, doing something for a stranger or helping out.

We can all be a little guilty of running that ledger.

The next time you read something interesting, write it down and work on making it a reality in your life.

You’ve got this.