Do You Like To Give?

I was working with a client, “Mandy” who had completed three sessions with me.

As she was leaving, I picked up one of my books and handed it to her. “I would like to give this book to you as a present. It reinforces some of what we have covered and will be a handy reference book”.

She responded, “You don’t have to do that”.

“I know. I choose to do it.”

“How about I pay for it?”

“No, I am gifting it to you.”

If she paid for it, it would no longer be a gift.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes, I am. Let me ask you a question: Do you love giving things to others?”

Her eyes lit up and a big smile appeared, “Yes, I do.”

“Do you like receiving a gift?”

“I hate it. I would rather give. It gives me so much joy.”

Maybe you can relate to Mandy.

I know I used to be just like her.

And one day the penny dropped.

For someone to give, someone must receive.

“Mandy, how would you feel if the person you were giving a gift to downright refused to accept it?”

“I’d feel upset and a little angry. I would be wondering why.”

“This is why the receiver should receive a gift graciously.”

Think about it from the giver’s perspective. They want you to receive their gift and be happy to do so.

Here is the rule: If you love giving, you must also love receiving.

When someone gives me a gift or does something for me, I now say “Thank you, I truly appreciate it”. And I mean it.

Next time someone wants to give you a gift or so something for you, practice accepting it graciously.

You’ve got this.