Do You Have A Plan?

Sometimes, things simply fail to work out.

And there is always a reason why.

I have just finished a Zoom call with a lady who is having behavioural problems with her four young children.

I could see first-hand she was not coping. Every couple of minutes the children would appear and annoy mum so she couldn’t participate in the session. Most of her time was taken up trying to pacify them. Not only were the kids not listening, nor was mum.

I asked her what her ideal day with her children looked like.

“The kids not fighting, not screaming and no-one getting hurt.”

Can you identify the problem with this?

The mistake this mother is making is one nearly all people make when describing their ideal day or life.

It is totally negative.

She is only speaking about what she doesn’t want.

And this is what keeps turning up!

Ironic, isn’t it?

Get focused on what you DO want.

“The kids having fun, being aware of what’s happening around them, being safe and listening to their mother.”

This mother now has something to work with.

What does your ideal day look like?