Do You Give Unconditionally?

It’s a beautiful Spring day here in Wagga.

And Spring is often the time of the year for relationships to flourish.

Problem is, we are never taught how to make our relationship “magical” and keep it that way.

Many, like “Don”, think they know what makes a relationship work.

In fact, Don thinks he is the perfect husband. He will do anything to make his wife happy.

Don’s belief is “I do things for you and then you have to do for me whatever I want”.

And we won’t go into what Don wants!!!

All too many people I see have the belief “If I do this for you, you have to do that for me”.

This is called Trading. It’s like a business deal. A ledger. You are supposed to keep it balanced.

If you can make this work, great, go for it.

It seldom does work.

And the reason is, it is not based on Love.

Love is about giving.

Love should be Unconditional.

This means giving, without expecting or needing anything back.

This is the total opposite to Don’s view – which is all conditional.

When both partners give, we are building.

When one or both partner’s take, we are destroying.

To see how relationships work, watch this 11-minute video – https://www.clivemurphy.com/resources/relationships/

Where are you and your partner on the graph?

I’m amazed at how many people comment how they can relate to it and continue to work to make sure their relationship is in the Reality Stage.

Your goal for this week: Practise giving unconditionally.

You’ve got this.