Did You Know This Fact?

power of suggestion

I am currently reading Dr Wayne Dyer’s book “I Can See Clearly Now”. He mentions how, whilst doing a class studying psychology, a professor gave a hypnosis demonstration.


In short, the hypnotist placed the lady into a light trance and then blindfolded her. The aim was to show the mind could not tell the difference between very hot and very cold.


The first part of the demonstration he asked the lady whether the object he randomly placed on her skin was hot or cold. She got around 70% right.


He then explained he was placing a freezing object on her skin asked her whether it was hot or cold.


Next, he got a very hot object and place it near her face so she could feel the heat on her face.


What happened next was amazing.


He put the hot object down and took a pencil out of his pocket with a rubber eraser on the end. He then placed this on the inside of her arm.


Within minutes a small blister appeared.


What the …?




This is how powerful our mind is.


Once we accept something, we manifest it.


The lady believed the object to be very hot and it therefore left a blister.


The big take-away – we formulate a belief and manifest that belief.


In other words, what you think is what you get.


Imagine how you can make this work for you … and against you.


To work against you, start feeling fearful and keep reinforcing your fear using your imagination. You may even accept something you are told, like “You’re an idiot” or “You will never amount to anything”. You accept this as true and you begin living in that state.


This can also apply to your health. Think you have an illness or will get one and you stand a great chance of manifesting that.


On the flip side, you make it work for you by reinforcing the positive or empowering beliefs, like “I am so grateful for all I have and all I can do”. Make it work for your health by seeing yourself being totally healthy. Feel healthy.


In summary, are you reinforcing good things throughout your day or are you reinforcing crappy things that work against you?


If you are doing the latter, it is time for a change my friend.


Start reinforcing your beliefs that empower you.


Make great things happen …