Depression Webinar

Depression is a feeling that affects one in four people.

It is non-discriminatory affecting all people in some way at one point in their life.

Some can get over it very quickly. Others seldom do.

I have been to meetings where people with depression have talked about their condition, how it has affected them, how long they have had it and how they have not been able to find a solution.

Some attendees have asked, “Am I stuck with this feeling for life?”

And the answer is “Most likely, No”. These presenters have simply not identified the cause of their depression – and it’s difficult to treat something when you don’t know what’s causing it.

To help clarify what depression is all about, I am conducting a webinar tomorrow, Wednesday 27th September at 12:30pm Sydney Australia time. This is an open invitation – no registrations required and anyone can attend. Here is the link.

This webinar will not only discuss the many causes of depression, it will also discuss the many solutions – including the number one mistake most people make.