Clive conducts in-house seminars that are fine-tuned to suit your needs.

These seminars focus on the power of the mind and how it works to affect the way you think, act and perform.

Clive Murphy Keynote Speaker

Possible Seminars

Topics include:

    ♦ Feeling Motivated
    ♦ Dealing With Stress
    ♦ Working With Change
    ♦ Developing Confidence And Self-Esteem
    ♦ Achieving Your Best
    ♦ Overcoming Mental Challenges – like depression, anxiety, worry, anger, fear, obsessions and addictions
    ♦ Achieving Peak Performance

If you are interested in one or more of these topics, Clive meets with you to find out your needs.

He then fine-tunes the topic to ensure your needs are specifically met.

The time required is up to you. Some businesses have him speak for an hour, others have him conduct a 2-day seminar.

Why Hire Clive

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring Clive …

     * He has been counselling clients one-on-one for 33 years. This means he knows what works and what doesn’t in real life situations.
     * Is a Best Selling Author and the author of four books along with numerous on-line courses.
     * Mentors other counsellors which indicates he has much knowledge and is trusted.
     * Has studied how to best deliver a presentation so keeps people engaged.
     * Works you so your team receive the necessary help relevant to your business.


Businesses who have utilised Clive include:

     Richmond Football Club
     McWilliams Wines
     Selby Watson Accountants
     Wagga Motors
     Family Time Australia
… and many others

To make an enquiry on how Clive can help you, please call us on 02 6921 6373.