Complete An On-line Course

From consulting with people one-on-one, I come up with many new solutions that help a person overcome their problems and start to enjoy their life.

While this is great for my clients, there are many who are unable to consult with me or would prefer not to see someone, so completing an on-line course is a great option for them.

The courses I present contains the same information I give to my clients.

The information I help people with is different to what most present.

It is common sense, is easy to implement and generally gets a good result.

Each course is presented with the aim of helping you live a fulfilled and peaceful life.

There are two things that determine how well you process what is happening in your life:

     1. Having the knowledge – do you have the knowledge to deal with situations as they arise in life?

     2. Past Experiences – these can shape shape the way you think, act and feel – especially if it has been a bad one.

We are never taught the basics to life.

Basics like:

     ~ How our Mind works – how it processes information

     ~ How to succeed in Relationships

     ~ How to Learn effectively

     ~ How to be a great Parent

     ~ How to Feel great about who we are and have Confidence.

These on-line video courses will help you gain some of this knowledge in the privacy of your own home.

Courses List

Live Your Life Potential Program

This is a 12 Module Program that prepares you for life.

You will learn:

  • Why you emotionally go up and down
  • Why you react to what others say and do and how to fix this
  • How your mind works and the effect past experiences have on you
  • Ways to overcome insecurities like rejection, failure and not feeling good enough
  • How to feel in control and live a happy, fulfilled and peaceful life

      … And much more

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Beating Depression

Depression is a problem that affects nearly every person. If you do not know how to deal with it and, better still, prevent it, you could be in for a debilitating time.

In this course you will learn:

  • What is depression?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • What are the main causes?
  • The many solutions defined.
  • The biggest mistake people make – even therapists!
  • What to do when all else fails.

… And much more.

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Dealing With Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety can be very debilitating. It can stop you from living a ‘normal’ life.

In this 7 Module Course you will learn:

  • What is Anxiety? Once we define it in a common sense way, the solution to overcoming it becomes easy to implement.
  • The Function of Anxiety. Yes, it does have a function! The Problem is, it does it way too well.
  • The many solutions on how to deal with Social Anxiety.
  • Why it is important to avoid “Coping” and “Managing” your Social Anxiety.
  • Why most people never succeed – and most therapists make this critical mistake!
  • When you fail to get a result – there are many possible reasons why and ways to fix them.

… And much more.

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9 Steps To Being A Great Parent

Parenting can be one of the greatest joys or one of the most frustrating things you will do.

There is a recipe to getting it right. Most learn it through trial and error.

In this “9 Steps” you will learn the keys to getting it right. Keys like:

  • What makes a great parent – this is not what the child wants!
  • How to communicate effectively with your child
  • The best ways to discipline
  • The effect diet has on the way your child thinks and behaves

… And much more.

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Getting Over Your Ex

A relationship breakup can be very debilitating.

Having been rejected out of relationships many times (and mostly for his partner to be with someone else), Clive became tired of hitting rock bottom emotionally. He decided to study the power of the mind and became qualified to help others take control of their life.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Why getting over your ex is so difficult.
  • A great exercise to decide if your ex is the best fit for you.
  • The #1 thing that stops you from moving on – and how to master that
  • How to build yourself up to be a great catch

… And much more.

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Developing Self Confidence

Confidence is something we are never taught and is a great trait to have.

There are two types of confidence:

     1. The Confidence to Do things. Example: to drive a car or bake a cake. This is generally associated with having confidence.

     2. The Confidence to Be – to have self-confidence or be a confident person.

The second one is the important one. A lack of it is the reason why people suffer from being teased and bullied. Why they react to what others say about them and why they react to social media.

Can you list 10 great traits you have without having to think?

If you can, great. If you can’t, you may need to do this course.

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