Are You One Of Six?


  I have recently had a quite a few clients present with this increasing problem. You may wonder what is happening to you. You get these scary feelings and you wonder what is causing them. As an example, “Don” was about to go on air at a radio station. He was being interviewed by an experienced [...]

Are You One Of Six?2022-02-16T17:46:57+11:00

Are You Going Nowhere?


A beautiful rainy day here in Wagga Wagga. Nice to be indoors and working. I ask clients what their end goal is for what they want to achieve. Let’s look at 2 examples: Overcoming depression. When asked what they want to achieve, most people say “I don’t want to be depressed”. “Great. You are telling me [...]

Are You Going Nowhere?2021-11-08T17:15:37+11:00


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