Do You Need To Get Therapy?

If you have an emotional problem that is driving you nuts because it is always on your mind, do you continue to allow it to drive you nuts or do you do something about it? If you choose to do something about it, therapy is one of the most effective ways to gain help. Therapy can [...]

Do You Need To Get Therapy?2021-11-04T15:02:03+11:00

Are You Going Nowhere?

A beautiful rainy day here in Wagga Wagga. Nice to be indoors and working. I ask clients what their end goal is for what they want to achieve. Let’s look at 2 examples: Overcoming depression. When asked what they want to achieve, most people say “I don’t want to be depressed”. “Great. You are telling me [...]

Are You Going Nowhere?2021-11-08T17:15:37+11:00

Why Am I Getting Worse?

I met with “Bob” last week. Bob presented feeling depressed and frustrated. He had been feeling this way for over 10 years. Even though he was on medication and had sought emotional help, he was getting worse rather than better. After taking his history, I began by explaining Problem V’s Solution. Bob thought the problem was [...]

Why Am I Getting Worse?2021-10-27T13:30:38+11:00

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