Baby Steps to Self-Improvement

With the success of the first session of our 4-week Facebook Life Transformation program, I would like to thank you to those who attended the online meeting via Zoom.

What we have covered last week were tackling these questions:

  • Who is the most important people or things in your life?
  • Where do you come and why there?
  • Rate how you feel about life
  • What or who determines how you feel
  • What affects how emotional security?
  • The cold hard reality on why you emotionally go up and down, have highs and lows.
  • How much control you give to others.
  • Why people feel anxious, depressed, aggressive, upset, controlling and have to get their own way.

We just concluded our 2nd-week of our program and will share with you what has transpired.

It was such an amazing session! For those that have missed the first 2 weeks of our session, I encourage those who signed up to not miss this 3rd session.