Are You Living To A Lacel?

I often consult with someone who has been told by a professional they have something wrong with them.

For example, three clients explain they suffer from ADHD. Two have had tests done when they were young and the third was tested when he was in his twenties. All had been tested by a professional and told they had ADHD.

The medical solution was to go on medication to help them pay attention and be present.

One of the two who had been labelled ADHD when young regularly told me about the problem and how the ADHD still affected her. It was a constant part of her explanation of who she was and why she did the things she did.

For all three, after Googling ADHD, they began living the symptoms.

It became who they were.

Have you ever checked some possible ailment out on the internet only to start thinking you have some of the symptoms? As time progresses, you develop more symptoms.

I asked my client: “Are you creative?”


“Do you have trouble paying attention, especially if someone is speaking about a lot of detail?”


When you label yourself, you will generally live to that label. For example, a depressed person labels themselves as depressed and lives their life accordingly.

When you place a negative label on yourself, you will also develop a belief that says you are not as good as others.

And you will begin living a life to reinforce this belief.

For my clients, I suggested, instead of seeing oneself as ADHD, how about seeing oneself as being creative?

This produced a whole new meaning for them.

They found they could pay attention provided the speaker was speaking in a way that held their attention.

It is important to note, the ADHD does not make you a worse or better person. You are who you are. No problem defines you – unless you allow it to.

Another client saw himself as “fat”. This also made him feel inferior to slimmer people.

I didn’t see him as fat. I was interested in who he was as a person. Because he saw he had a problem and voiced it, I then became aware of his body shape.

Look up the traits of a great person and you will not see “slim”, “not depressed” or “free of ADHD”.

If you have labelled yourself in a negative way, relabel yourself in a positive way.

Remember, a negative label does not define you.