Are You Holding Yourself Back?

We’re counting down the days to Sunday when our son, Trey, will be touching down from his long flight from Kansas in the USA. It’s going to be great to see him in real life after two years.

Two years ago when we picked him up from the airport, he jumped in the driver’s seat and began driving out of the airport. It was his first question that really worried me. With a smile on his face he asked: “What side of the road do I drive on?” (In Australia, we drive on the left whereas in the US they drive on the right).

Christmas is definitely the time for celebrations.

Let me just put my skiting hat on for a moment.

I have received many emails over the past month explaining how much my clients are getting from their sessions with me and how it has changed their life.

“… I am forever grateful for the help you gave me.” “My daughter has been to see you and sings your praises …” “You gave me so many answers that allowed me to move forward with my life…”

I have to say, I really work on making sure my customers’ needs are met and they have the skills to move forward.

All too often people think their problems are huge and it will take forever to sort them out – and cost them a fortune.

One guy said he thought he would be seeing me for two years to sort out all his problems. He had been rejected out of a relationship, had trouble keeping every relationship after that (they would only least for 6 months before the lady left him), was reacting to his ex and his three children, his business was performing poorly, he hated people saying negative things about him and he had become controlling.

Hmm! Quite a list there.

While many therapists will want to treat each problem individually, I prefer to look for the cause?

Can you identify the cause?

All his problems come under one heading.

Low self-esteem.

After being rejected, he developed a belief “I am not good enough”. This then permeated throughout his life and he kept reinforcing this belief with each experience.

After 3 sessions of teaching him how to have high self-esteem all the time, he took the control back. He outlined what he wanted his ideal life to look like – both work-wise and relationship-wise – and started living that life.

What people say about him or to him now has very little effect.

In nearly every case, it is so simple to turn a person’s life around.

If you have a problem, or many, holding you back, be brave and make the decision to fix it. If you need to, enlist the right help so you can move forward quickly. You will be glad you did.

Make great things happen in your life …